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Our Story

istil 38 is a forward thinking Irish vodka for people who always seek the best. They know life is short and our time for pleasure and indulgence is even shorter. So we’ve dedicated ourselves to handcrafting the ultimate craft vodka. For those whose time is at a premium, we have the perfect premium spirit to enjoy it with.

At iStil38, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional Irish vodka that captures the essence and heritage of Ireland. Our mission is to create a spirit that embodies the artistry, purity, and authenticity of traditional Irish distillation methods while offering a modern and refined experience to our discerning customers.

We utilize a small-batch distillation process that combines time-honoured techniques with cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to quality ensures that each bottle of iStil38 Craft Irish Vodka delivers a smooth and sophisticated taste, reflecting the rich flavours and character of Ireland’s terroir.

We embrace innovation and experimentation, constantly seeking new ways to tantalize the taste buds of our discerning customers. Our team of passionate artisans and distillers work tirelessly to develop distinctive flavour profiles, resulting in a vodka that is both bold and sophisticated. At iStil38,

We strive to be a catalyst for inspiration and connection. Through our vodka, we aim to bring people together, fostering momentsof joy, celebration, and creativity. We actively collaborate with mixologists and cultural influencers, promoting the exploration of new cocktail trends and elevating the cocktail experience with our unique spirit.

Beyond our dedication to craftsmanship, we prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. We work to minimize our ecological footprint by implementing innovative practices and partnering with local suppliers who share our commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Ireland for future generations.

Central to our mission is building meaningful connections with our customers and communities. We aim to foster a sense of Irish pride and cultural appreciation by promoting the stories behind our vodka. Through education and engagement, we strive to elevate the appreciation for Irish liquids while encouraging responsible consumption.

At iStil38, we are driven by a passion for excellence, a respect for tradition, and an unwavering commitment to creating an exceptional Irish vodka. Our mission is to be recognized as a leading brand that embodies the spirit of Ireland in every sip, bringing joy and celebration to the lives of those who choose iStil38 Craft Irish Vodka

Smooth, rounded, full-flavoured vodka.

istil 38’s crisp, clean aromas and finessed flavours truly set it apart from the crowd. These are the characteristics of a carefully refined copper pot distillation process, specifically designed to create a smooth, rounded, full-flavoured vodka.
The copper pot still strips out any impurities, leaving istil 38 with an unsurpassed quality of liquid. Our quadruple slow distillation method gives us a vodka that is so pure that it needs no further filtration. Using reverse osmosis, we then reduce our vodka down to 38% using natural spring water taken from the heart of the Boyne Valley sourced two hundred feet below ground
The result? istil 38 tastes just as stunning over ice as it does with a splash of your favorite mixer.

Hand crafted Irish Vodka

Our distillation experts handcraft every batch in Ireland, merging tried-and tested methods with modern thinking. This enables us to produce a vodka that is true to its origins but surpasses all other standards.
Such is the purity and smoothness of istil 38, it may be enjoyed neat, chilled or mixed.
Why? Our team is committed to delivering a level of quality and character that mass-produced products simply cannot match.
istil 38 is ambitious, accomplished, and exceptionally well made. Why settle for anything less?