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Executive Summary

istil 38 is a forward-thinking Irish vodka for people who are going places. Life’s too short to settle for less, so we’ve dedicated ourselves to hand-crafting a vodka that is simply better tasting and better for the environment. Now isn’t that a refreshing thought?

istil 38’s crisp, clean aromas and finessed flavours truly set it apart from the crowd. These are the products of a carefully refined copper pot distillation process, specifically designed to create a smooth, rounded, full-flavoured vodka. The result? istil 38 tastes just as stunning over ice as it does with a splash of your favorite mixer.

Our distillation experts handcraft every batch in Ireland, merging tried-and tested methods with modern thinking. This enables us to produce a vodka that is true to its origins but surpasses all other standards. Why? Our team is committed to delivering a level of quality and character that mass-produced products simply cannot match.

istil 38 is ambitious, accomplished, and exceptionally well made. Why settle for anything less?

istil 38 will be a premium, hand-crafted, copper pot stilled iconic Irish vodka. It will be established as a premium pouring product in the On-Trade (i.e. any venue where alcohol is sold and consumed on the premises, including but not limited to, bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels, collectively known as “On-Trade“); and  positioned  at a premium price in the Off-Trade (i.e. any outlet anywhere that has a license to sell alcohol that will be consumed off the premises, including but not limited to, independent off-licences, supermarket multiple stores, convenience stores and forecourts, collectively known as “Off-Trade“).

The Team of istil 38 intends to produce and distribute this iconic premium Irish vodka to compete with the largest global vodka brands. The initial focus of istil 38 will be on the Irish market and will rapidly expand its reach to international markets by means of export distribution deals.

Research undertaken indicates 80% of Irish consumers would prefer to buy a high-quality Irish product as opposed to an imported branded product. (See further details in section 3A). The Irish On-and Off Trade wants to support Irish products and sell quality Irish brands where they are available. istil 38 are building a hand-crafted, iconic premium Irish vodka to meet this market demand.

The management Team of istil 38 collectively have over 80 years’ experience in the beverage industry. They will bring professionalism, expertise and commitment to the development, promotion and sales of istil 38 as an Iconic Irish Vodka.

Mission Statement

The Team at istil 38 will create a premium, hand-crafted, copper-pot still, iconic Irish vodka. It will be targeted to meet market demand for a premium Irish Vodka. It will be positioned as the pouring vodka in the On-Trade and have a premium price position in the Off-Trade. istil 38 aims to rapidly grow the business to 115,000 CEQ’s (1 CEQ is a 9-litre case) over three years. Once this is met, istil 38 it will have a market valuation of approximately 30 million euro.

Our Brand

Premium, but not pretentious

istil 38 is pure, understated luxury in a glass. It’s a high-end product,


Confident, but not cocky

It’s empowered, self-assured, and knows that it’s going places.

It is better than the other vodkas, and we’re happy to tell you exactly how and why. 


Hand-crafted, but not old-fashioned.

It isn’t hand-crafted just so we can say “hand-crafted” on the bottle. Instead, it’s hand-crafted because the istil 38 team is committed to delivering an exceptional level of quality that mass-produced products simply can’t match.


If you are interested in seeing a full financial and business plan, please contact;

John Reynolds

Niall O’Dwyer

Michael Clifford

Barry Lane

Hand crafted, but not old fashioned.

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